Business-InsuranceLife is a Highway Part 2

An ounce pf prevention is better than a pound of sorrow

Renovating your home

In the middle of renovating your home, it is easy to have insurance be the last thing on your mind. It is important that when renovations are done to call your insurance agent and update them on what was done because it may increase the value of your home, for example if you added square footage. However, if you put in a pool, it would require more liability coverage,

The Teen years

When your kids reach their teen years, there are two major insurance milestones that will happen. One of them will be that when your kids start to drive, you need to add them as drivers to your auto insurance policy. If your child goes away to college and does not bring a car it is also important to notify your insurance agent because this would mean that your premium will be lower. Second, some people choose to take out a life insurance policy on their teens while they are healthy and while it is less expensive.

Inheriting or buying high-value items

A homeowner’s insurance policy will only cover so much. If you buy expensive rugs, paintings, or jewelry it may be a good idea to contact your agent and add a rider policy. A rider policy is just an extra insurance policy insuring the “big ticket items” that your homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover.


When you retire, some people need to look at their life insurance policy. Some people may need to increase their life insurance coverage while some may need to decrease their coverage. Regarding your home and auto policies, you may now qualify for a discount so it is good to all your agent and allow them the updated information so they can update your coverage.